domingo, enero 08, 2006

8 women + 1 driving man + 1 car = not a good idea...

Ok... so i went to see Gina at her friend's house, and to my surprise her friend was coming with us too, so i was like 'well... ok', so we went into the car & started thinking what could we do... and when we where in that, my cousin talked to me on the phone and she was like "let's go out" and im like "but im with gina" and she was like "so what?" and im like "well ok im going for you".

So i get to her house and she told me we where supposed to meet 2 friends of her and pick them up, and im like "we are going to be 6 in the car! and in my car we can only be 5!" and she was like "so what?" and im like "hum... well... ok" So we went for those girls, and then we went to this weird place (which was full btw :P) and while we where waiting for my cousin to eat something, Gina's friend was like "can you do me a favor?" and im like "ok..." and she was "can you drive me & 2 friends to a party?" and im thinking "there's no way im going to drive with 8 people on my car" and said "well what the hell" so one of her friends was on this place, and with 7 people we went into our unforgettable journey...

So we get into her friend's house, and to my surprise there was another girl coming into the car, so it was so messed up, cus i couldn't see a single thing... and it was crazy... imagine all of the screaming, all of the talking and all of the "go left! -no right! -no its left!" oh my... anyway it was still pretty fun and we actually arrived to the party safely and without any casualty. So here are some pictures i took and a nice video =) (which is too dark but i just dont care)


wTf ?




tHe bEst picturE of all




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