miércoles, febrero 01, 2006

Ahora un poco de mis sentires...

im bleeding (again)
my heart is broken (i all out of glue)
its all gray (the ashes of our love)
im all dirty (the fight with the beast who ruined our love)
i lost (there's a winner somewhere)
im all alone (and you're dreaming in pink & blue)
the rain its all over me (i can't see the end of these tears)
i want to breathe (swimming in my own depression)
i can't forget you (im sleeping with your teddy bear)

someday my wounds will heal (someday a giant elephant will swallow the earth)
someday... someday...

but in the meanwhile (tonight)
i will be drinking hot chocolate
while watching those romantic movies
with a full pack of kleenex to my left (if im in the need of crying, i should do it with style)

so tonight i don't think of tomorrow (im not in today)
im living in the past (where you and me used to be one)
and the night will be endless (just like those moments with you)
and no friend (nor enemy)
will make me not to think of you
because today (tonight)
i have a broken heart,
which happens to be bleeding again (it hurts, it burns)

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Angelito dijo...

QUé bonito! Tú le escribiste? Sabes poner lo que sientes muy bien.. ojalá pronto te sientas mejor y que encuentres respuestas que necesites.. en esta vida, todo pasa...